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Installation view at the Mesa Arts Center Complex. This project was commissioned by Mesa Arts Center and City of Mesa for the SPARK! Mesa's Festival of Creativity. Mesa, Arizona. Wood, shoelaces, and hardware.

Both Arizona’s bird populations and its human populations experience seasonal fluctuations. The rhythm of these migrations is now an essential characteristic of our Valley of the Sun, a particularly attractive destination for temporary winter residents. Just as people flock to cities, bird populations find areas to populate along desirable bodies of water and beautiful oases, or to stop and replenish for their next portion of their journey. As bird ecology and migration patterns change, what if the Mesa Arts Center’s Festival of Creativity suddenly became a resting stop for an adventurous new flock of birds? What if the creative and immersive SPARK! environment became their new temporary home?

This installation interprets the migration phenomenon and community gatherings in a playful way. Groupings of birds made of wood and shoelaces populate the canopy of trees and grassy areas serving as a welcoming entry into the festival. Their toy-like or silhouetted appearance is reminiscent of kites, shadow puppets, and remind us of childhood play. A coloring activity accompanied the installation, where visitors were invited to draw and design the colors and patterns on a take-away blank bird.

Photographs by Sean Deckert and Saskia Jorda.