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PUBLIC ART > MIGRATION- canal convergence, 2015

MIGRATION - Canal Convergence, 2015

Installation view at the Scottsdale Waterfront’s Soleri and Marshall Way bridges, and areas along the canal. This project was commissioned by Scottsdale Public Art for Canal Convergence 2015 | Water + Art + Light. Scottsdale, Arizona. Wood, shoelaces, and hardware.

Migration reflects upon the ever-soaring creative spirit of our valley supported by Scottsdale Public Art and on the gatherings of people seeking rest and recreation, particularly the sense of community found during events such as the Canal Convergence each year. The modular installations capture the spirit of play throughout the Waterfront sites, reminding visitors of fleeting memories of childhood and their own experiences of migration, while subtly addressing the reoccurring phenomenon of Scottsdale’s own shifting population and raising awareness on bird ecology in the Southwest.

A coloring activity accompanied the installation, where visitors were invited to draw and design the colors and patterns on a take-away blank bird.

Photographs by Sean Deckert, Hillary Houghton, and Saskia Jorda.